Best Tracker is based on the feedback from hundreds of thousands of users, so it can provide

Split Income and Expenses

Split income and expenses with any group: business partner, trips, housemates, friends, and family.

Track Balances

Keep track of shared income and expenses, balances, and who owes who.

Currency Conversion

You can choose different currencies, you can use the current exchange rate or custom exchange rate.


Individual & Groups Chart

Quickly view anyone's chart and group chart. Administrators can set who can view other's reports.

Intelligent Fuctions

Learn your last usage habit wisely to facilitate the next use, no matter how many members you have, it will become very simple;

Split Bill

Equal or unequal splits and split by % or shares , Automatically remember your last choice, repeat settings no longer.


Sharing income and expenses with family and lover.

Shared accounting keeps you closer, no matter where you are!

User Alias

You can set different nicknames in different groups, such as husband, wife, etc.

Group Mode

Can be switched at any time among the three group types at any time if you want.

Individual & Groups Chart

Quickly view anyone's chart and group chart. Administrators can set who can view other's reports.

Add Expenses Easily

Quickly add bills on the go by using smart voice recording.

Multi-dimensional Reports

Display data according to different dimensions to better track your finances

All-in-one Finances

We bring all of your money to one place, from balances to bills and more

Free Exports

Easy to export each group chart to your mailbox

Add Bill Easily

Quickly add a bill by speaking a sentence or automatically adding cycle bills

Data security is our highest priority

We know your personal data is precious, so we take great precautions protecting it. Including blockchain storage and end-to-end encryption to assure confidentiality.



Effortlessly add bills with others to make us closer.

Intelligent Recognition Semantics

Automatically save information such as category, amount, currency, and remarks according to what you say. Completely liberated your hands. Check out the details


Take Photos to Add Bills

When you're inconvenient to speak and don’t have time to add a bill, just pick up your phone and take a picture of the receipt to save the bill quickly


Bills by the Cycle

You only need to set once for the cycle bills, the system will automatically add a bill for you when the time is up.


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Keep track of your shared incomes, expenses and balances with housemates, trips, groups, friends, business partners, and family.

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